Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jovees Gold Facial Kit

top row(left to right) : Cleanser,Scrub,Face mask bottom row(left to right): message gel and max moisturizer

I am not that parlor going type and I really do not prefer to do facial at parlors. Somehow I am always scared of those stretching and pulling done at parlor at the time of doing facial.So I thought the best way would be to buy one message cream and do it myself at home comfortably.Previously I was using my Biotique Quince seed facial massage cream and was quite happy with it.But then the gold thing striked me as everywhere I got the report from my friends that the gold facial is the hot thing in the market.So I just walked in to Health and Glow to find a gold facial kit.Somehow the SA had convinced me to get this Jovees gold facial kit.
I saw the ingredients and was quite impressed.The price was also ok(it costs me 1350 INR) compared  to some other facial kits(like Shahnaz Hussain - it will cost you near 4000 if you want to buy all cleanser scrub massage gel and mask)

What the Product Claims

Jovees 24 Carat Gold Products will help to improve the skin's texture gradually reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It will help remove dark circles under eyes, making skin look resilient and youthful 

Marigold Cleansing Cream
An exclusive deep pore cleansers, for drt and extra dry skin, which contains precious herbs and botanicals along with pure gold leaves that helps to deep clean the slon, reduces melanin dispersion for lighter skin. while maintaining skin's natural moisture balance
Active ingredients: Wheat Germ oil, almond oil, olive oil 

Gold Massage gel & maximum moisturiser (combo pack)
24 carat gold massage gel helps improve blood circulation and restores softness, smoothness and radiance
Maximum Moisturiser contains precious botanicals and essential oils, which help to restore the moisture balance to the skin and improve skin's elasticity. 

Gold Scrub
Gold Scrub having delicate granules that penetrates deep into the skin to clean, wipe-away spent surface cells. 

Gold Face pack
This 24 Carat Gold Face Pack is an exclusive and powerful facial pack which helps to accelerate the regeneration of new cells under the eyes and aids in removing dark circles & gives a fresh look to the delicate area under the eyes

Direction of use

  Here I have added the snapshot of direction of use because I feel too lazy to type them out. :P

My experience with the Product :

The Marigold cleanser did not work as a cleanser on me.It was like a lip balm.It left my face oily and left a glow.But anyway I cant say that its a facewash type of cleanser.Rather it worked as a oily makeup remover thing(like we use olive oil sometime to remove makeup).

The Gold Scrub was quite good and I was able to remove my blackheads and whiteheads with it.
Its not very rough(as compared to the everyouth one) and its not gentle either.Its good and after using it I felt a smoother,softer,tender and refreshed skin.

Softness,Smoothness and radiance whatever it claimed about the Massage Gel was quite active .
I am happy with the result.But I felt that it left my skin little dry.

Next i applied the Maximum Moisturizer and my skin was feeling good.I am having a normal skin.
It soothes the dryness and leaves the face balanced.

Next I really liked the  Face Pack as it was like gel. I have always felt like the other masks dries my face.
So I liked it as it did not leave my face dry or it did not make it oily either.

Overall it left my skin with a super clean, tender,soft and smooth feelings. It made my skin very very refreshed. :) . My skin was left with a glow.  So loved the product a lot.
But I really  could not verify the antiage wrinkle thing and removal of dark circle as they claimed because I dont have any.

Pros :

1.  Value for Money
2.  Ingredients are natural and good.Its herbal and no harmful chemicals were used.
3.  It smells good. :)

Cons :

1. Only thing I found is that you cannot use any single product at a time from this kit except only the Scrub I guess. Because you'll achieve the entire effect only after applying the products as directed.

2. Packaging is bad bad bad. :(
It comes in a tub and not very hygenic. You have to use a spatula.
And I always fight a lot to place the lids of the Cleanser, Scrub and Face Mask.

My rating would be 4/5 and I am very happy with this.


  1. Why did you stop blogging? it was such an informative review. I stumbled across while searching for Jovees gold facial. Thanks a bunch for the review

  2. Hi,can you tell me the quantity of each item for Gold range Facial Kit of jovees